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andré and mauro

Why do you see a necessity of running an independent art space? 
Running an independent and non-funded art space it's not a need but a will. It is not necessary at all. It's rather an indulgence, a luxury. 

What is the main purpose of this activity?
The main purpose of Uma Certa Falta de Coerência (A Certain Lack of Coherence) is to bring people together around artists solo projects and to explore the relations between artists while they take control of the different roles: artist-artist, artist-producer, artist-public, artist-supporter, artist-reviewer, and so on. Remember, “Artists must begin helping themselves”.* But we're far from playing the musical chairs game. The neighborhood also also receives our radiations.
Since the beginning we've challenged artists to work and explore the very specific characteristics and conditions of our gallery space and its surroundings.  To test and state our running model is a purpose by it self.

How do you function?
Decisions are made on a daily practice when in the studio, at the café, walking down the street or via Skype. The gallery space opens on Saturdays or by appointment. We highly avoid the professionalization of the project. We share the process with the artist. We get things done for fun.

What are the difficulties you have to face and what are the obstacles you avoid by running your own space?
Managing time and travels are not such a big issue to call it difficulty.
We don’t have a main objective as popularity, budget or new venue.
We totally avoid paper work: we don’t apply to funds; we pay a low rent but there's no contract; we pay for electricity under the previous name in the contract; there is no commercial activity.
We also don't do what is not necessary. An example is cleaning or renovating the old and moisty space. Any change in the space it has to be introduced by a will from the artist. We could paint it white or yellow… but only if necessary.

How do you see the future of independent art spaces in Europe?
We’ve seen very different models of independent art spaces and we’re sure that every of these dreams of a different future. From our insider and non-academic point of view, the future of independent art spaces in Europe is not much different from the one of Italian restaurants.

Is there a tradition of self-organisation among Portuguese artists?
It is a fact that since 1999, and with a peak in 2007, there have been an outstanding number of artist-run activities in Porto. Strong echoes and important projects also happened in Lisbon and Guimarães.

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